Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Massacre at the Mill!

After doing a few errands this morning, I came home to this carnage...


The victim

It wasn't me...honest!

Exhibit 1

Case closed - Guilty verdict!
 But then Audrey is just so darn cute that she tends to get away with anything!

Today has not been the most productive - I have managed not to complete any projects but I'm hoping with the weather being as rotten as it is that I will batten down the hatches and get to some quilting tomorrow.  A trip to a local fabric shop was surprising fruitful however, with some lovely ribbons and a wee piece of ultra sweet vintage looking Winnie the Pooh fabric which is going to have to go into some baby-themed project very soon! It's rare that this happens but I love it when it does! :)


  1. I think my friend Archie ( has some competition in the cuteness stakes! And leave it to you to feed your fabric addiction! Jxo

  2. Audrey is so cute! Not as cute as me, of course, but cute nonetheless *wink*

  3. Hi Ainslie - welcome to the world of blogging. Not sure if it helps maintain sanity or just allows us to share each other's craziness and not feel insane alone! Hope you are well in anticipation of little one's arrival. Look forward to following your creations at the mill.