Monday, 10 September 2012

An enforced break, a finish and a new project!

Well that took much longer than I thought it would! After some bad health news from an immediate member of my family, a laptop breakdown and a minor hiccup with my Pfaff I am finally back to blogland and actually got a project finished. Phew.  My hubby turned 30 last week and so what better present than a new iPad and fancy smancy new handmade iPad cover. After a bit of surfing I decided on using this great tutorial from Fresh Lemon Quilts, bit of a challenge for me - following a pattern, inserting a zipper, putting in a pocket, you know general sewing stuff but I persevered and got it done...

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself, aside from the fact it doesn't exactly fit with the protective cover he has on his iPad - a small price to pay for some pretty (in a manly kind of way) lineny melody miller goodness. And hubby loves it too- except for the not fitting part. Think I might need to do some unpicking and try and thin my seams down a bit, I remain undefeated! 

But that is for another time- much to keen to get on with some other projects- I have a baby quilt which is severely devoid of quilting, a metre of Bambi kokka fabric that is begging to be sliced and diced into charms for the Japanese charm swap and this beauty awaits:

My lovely mum bought me this for feeding the baby when he/she finally puts in an appearance and I absolutely love it. I just need to make some cushions to comfy it up a bit. Maybe some Japanese charm cushions are just what it is crying out for, who knows...anyways I'm off to peruse the interweb for some inspiration. Feel free to shout any ideas!


  1. What a great pressie - you did a brilliant job with all those extra futtery bits in the pattern! Go you!

  2. Nice to look at- not quite functional at the moment but hey I got a zip in! :)

  3. Oh a quilt AND a cushion would be lovely on your new rocker! Love the ipad cover too! Well done! Jxo

    1. Oh that's a great idea, nice cosy quilt for the night feeds! :)