Sunday, 21 October 2012

My best creation ever!

I've been quiet online for a while now but I have a good excuse as I've been kept somewhat busy with this little fella. Meet Alfie, our precious wee gift, now 4 weeks old and growing like a mushroom!

The wee man is doing brilliantly, it's his mum and dad who are finding the adjustment a bit harder to handle - shell shocked is not the word! But I think we are coming out of the craziness a little bit...or maybe we are just get used to it. I'm still getting over his birth, a routine ante-natal appointment turned into a 5 day stay in hospital with high blood pressure, a failed induction and emergency c-section not to mention a touch of anaemia but what can I say - Alfie was just too comfortable and wasn't for moving!

Now life has changed forever and my hubby and I are everyday amazed at the changes to our son and the wee miracle he is. The sewing machine will not be dusted off for a while I don't think but I'll get there eventually - Alfie is going to need his quilt finished soon enough. 

I'm looking forward to catching up with what is going on on in blogland and have to settle for living vicariously through everyone elses creativity - I'm thinking breakfast and blogs washed down with a huge cup of coffee - heaven - but to be honest I'd settle for 5 minutes to myself!

Hope everyone out there is keeping well!

Ainslie x


  1. Oh Ainslie he's such a heart-breaker! Enjoy these days with your little one - they pass so quickly and every stage is to be treasured. God bless your little family.

  2. Oh huge congrats A! What a cutie. I'm not surprised you've been in an alternate universe with all that's been going on. Make sure you stay within your limits. And we'll get you sewing again eventually. Take care, Jxo