Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A happy post for happy post!

Well hi there, been a while hasn't it?! I think I easily must be the most inconsistent blogger out there. But anyway, I have been keeping busy bringing up baby, my 8 month old wee man continues to bring joy and happiness to the Mill (which has also relocated, moving house with a 4 month old is great fun...the words "never again" have been common place over the last few months!)

And yet what has drawn me to blog again today...well the nicest, loveliest parcel dropping through my door, that's what!  I missed out on this swap lat time round..oh how I wanted those yummy lv charms but not to be. So when the next Low Volume swap came round I thought, do I really want some 10" charms for my stash? Actually I think I rather do...wouldn't you?!

There are texts and dots, cross-hatches and chains, ducks, lobsters and pinwheels (and maybe a few "mid" volume charms but hey they're pretty so it's all ok ;). Now to work out what to do with them.  A big word of thanks, arms in the air, jumping up and down, cheering and whooping is required for Rebecca who did so much work in organising this swap. She even let us international entrants send our 2 yards of fabric directly to her which she cut to size and meant we saved on postage. The girl's a gem! Thanks so much! 

I have actually started back to some sewing lately but, as ever, the projects remain unfinished at the moment. Not for much longer! I am a changed woman, a rehabilitated blogger (for now!) and I'll be back with some finishes in the next few days.

Someone got a little bored during the photoshoot!

Au Revoir, speak soon!

A x


  1. Oh those LV squares are beaut! Have fun hatching a plan for using them! Jxo

  2. Hi Ainslie,

    If you haven't already, would you like to join in an Irish pincushion swap? We'd love to have you! Please just pop over here and join in:

    Hope you do!